Yan Liu

No. 9

  • Year Joined the Epson Tour 2020
  • Ascensus Race for the Card Ranking 9
  • Money Earned $80,139
  • Where did you first learn the game of golf and who taught you?

    My mum first took me to the driving range and gave me the first lesson of golf. My mum is a big fan of golf and a decent golfer with a +3 handicap.

  • When did you realize golf was something you wanted to pursue as a career?

    I won an amateur event and that was the first time that I realized golf was something I wanted to pursue as my career.  

  • Who has been your biggest supporter throughout your career?

    I would say my mum has been the biggest supporter throughout my career because she is the person who introduced me to the golf world and has always believed in me. She cheers for me and is a big fan of mine. I will always have ups and downs in my life as well as my golf career; my mum is the one to keep me positive and go for it.

  • How does playing on the Epson Tour help you prepare for the LPGA Tour?

    I officially started my rookie year in 2020 on the Epson Tour. I have learned a lot from the Epson Tour. First, I learned how to travel in the U.S. as a tour player. Secondly, I have become more knowledgeable about golf rules and have improved my mental set for the LPGA Tour. Last but not least, traveling week by week to get learning experience on the golf course, such as different types of grass in other states, various weather conditions, etc.

  • What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome that helped you become the person you are today?

    I have learned from failure. When I get outside my comfort zone, I am one step closer to a better result. I am not afraid of failure, and it keeps me going and sharp.

  • What advice would you give to the next generation of girls in sports and/or in life?

    To be more successful, you have to accept both success and failure. Success is good, but failure teaches you more.