Gina Kim

No. 8

  • Year Joined the Epson Tour 2022
  • Ascensus Race for the Card Ranking 8
  • Money Earned $82,113
  • Where did you first learn the game of golf and who taught you?

    I learned about the game of golf at a late-night driving range where my dad took my sister and me to try it out for the first time. I didn’t like it at first and thought it was boring, but the part about spending time with my dad made me happy, so I kept going with him a few times after that.

  • When did you realize golf was something you wanted to pursue as a career?

    I started to think of playing golf as a career when I was eight years old, and I went out into my first golf tournament and won! I’m a very decisive person, so after experiencing what it was like to win and learning that you could do this for a job sounded magical to me, I knew from then on that this was the career path I wanted to take.

  • Who has been your biggest supporter throughout your career?

    My family and friends. Golf is not a cheap sport; it takes a lot of commitment, so I’m genuinely grateful for people in my close circle who constantly supported me through the good and rough times.

  • How does playing on the Epson Tour help you prepare for the LPGA Tour?

    Epson Tour has been incredibly instrumental in preparing me for the LPGA Tour. I’m in a unique situation where I have dual membership, so I spend half my time on the LPGA Tour and half my time on the Epson Tour. Doing well on the Epson Tour has been a huge confidence

  • What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome that helped you become the person you are today?

    Honestly, I think self-doubt has been my biggest obstacle. This game is extremely fickle, and as someone who constantly aspires to improve every day, times can get tough when the hard work isn’t paying off. So I’ve been trying to stay patient, which has helped me during my rookie season.

  • What advice would you give to the next generation of girls in sports and/or in life?

    I would say: have patience. As someone who was always trying to improve and succeed, you need to LET yourself improve rather than try to force something out of it. Also, HAVE FUN! I firmly believe that love is the strongest force in this world, and I feel like you have to love the game before you